Wellington & Picton Hit The Battlefield From Warlord

August 27, 2019 by brennon

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Warlord Games have offered up a nice little character pack for those looking to take on the role of the British in Black Powder at Waterloo. Here we have Wellington & Picton looking rather flash indeed.

Wellington & Picton - Warlord Games

The set contains three metal miniatures. You have both Wellington and Piction mounted upon horseback looking very resplendent but Wellington also has an alternative model where he is taking a nice rest against a tree stump.

Picton is also shown in his everyday garb as in a funny twist his luggage packed with military uniform didn't arrive in time for the battle.

Wellington & Picton Alt - Warlord Games

Everyone knows Wellington but I had little knowledge of Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas Picton. Wellington said of him that he was...

"a rough foul-mouthed devil as ever lived"

...however, found him a fantastic addition to his command staff. He did, however, have his cruel side as demonstrated during his tenure as Governor Of Trinidad. He was, in the end, the most senior officer in the coalition who died at Waterloo. He met his end during a crucial bayonet charge which helped stem the French attack.

There are plenty of legends surrounding his death also. Some say that his men hated him so much that one of them shot him rather than the enemy!

Will you be picking up this little set?

"Some say that his men hated him so much that one of them shot him rather than the enemy!"

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