White Raven Go Hunting With Their Grimdark Tunnel Rats

January 16, 2020 by brennon

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White Raven Studio is looking to produce a range of new models for those diving into a bit of grimdark wargaming. This time around we're checking out the preview for their Tunnel Rats which will be popping up soon.

Tunnel Rats #1 - White Raven Studio

The range would be pretty perfect for those who are looking to dive in and build up a new Kill Team perhaps for the Astra Militarum or maybe you could go a little further and consider these folks for your Necromunda gangs too.

Tunnel Rats #2 - White Raven Studio

I'm fairly sure that most people would love to see more Catachans and soldiers of their ilk getting dropped into the mix for their grimdark games and this offers up a new option! Considering the smaller array of models available it might not be viable for a big army but it would certainly get a Kill Team off the ground.

Tunnel Rats #3 - White Raven Studio

Hopefully, the final products will come out looking as good as the renders but there is also much more to keep an eye out for over on their Facebook Page. What do you make of these muscle-bound heroes and would you consider picking them up to start a new Imperium force?

Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

"...it would certainly get a Kill Team off the ground"

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