Wiglaf’s Age Of Penda Miniatures Now Available To Buy!

February 10, 2022 by brennon

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The Wiglaf Miniatures range from Daniel Mersey and Mark Copplestone is now available to snap up from the North Star Military Figures Webstore. A perfect time to dive into some 18mm Dark Age wargaming during the Age Of Penda.

Warlord & Followers - Wiglad Miniatures FEB

Warlord & Followers // Wiglaf Miniatures

All of the miniatures that we looked at last week are available for you to snap up in lovely metal. Designed to work as Saxons from a myriad of different kingdoms, they offer up a great way to dive into Age Of Penda and many other wargames.

As well as the Warlord & Followers above, you can also pick up Armoured and Unarmoured Warriors...

Armoured Warriors - Wiglaf Miniatures FEB

Armoured Warriors // Wiglaf Miniatures

Unarmoured Warriors - Wiglaf Miniatures FEB

Unarmoured Warriors // Wiglaf Miniatures

...who can be armed with swords and shields plus spears for the Unarmoured Warriors. There is some great detail worked into these smaller sculpts which is awesome to see. If you've enjoyed the Copplestone Castings range up until now then you'll certainly enjoy these.

Skirmishers - Wiglaf Miniatures FEB

Skirmishers // Wiglaf Miniatures

Designed as "travel size 28mm", these would be neat for playing out slightly bigger battles on the tabletop. I like the idea of using these when multi-based for Age Of Penda of course but you could also drop them into SAGA and plenty of other games too. The number of models you'd use per base makes things feel a little more epic.

Here is us talking about it as part of Indie Of The Week...

Indie Of The Week: Wiglaf Miniatures

Make sure to check out the North Star Military Figures Webstore as they also have the rules and a big bundle for you to enjoy too!

Are you tempted by these 18mm miniatures?

"Designed as "travel size 28mm", these would be neat for playing out slightly bigger battles on the tabletop..."

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