Wild West Exodus’ Wayward Eight Get Their Own Novel!

September 5, 2014 by dracs

Exciting news all you fans of the weird world of Wild West Exodus as their famous group of mercenaries, the Wayward Eight, are set to star in their own novel!

Wayward Eight

The Wayward Eight are a rather familiar band of mercenaries, whose services can be bought by the various factions competing in Wild West Exodus.

Over on the Wild West Exodus Twitter feed, this message recently appeared.

Wayward Eight Novel

This is really exciting news as the Wayward Eight have a ton of character to each of their miniatures, which you would expect given who they might be based upon. They'll definitely fit in well to the strange world of Wild West Exodus.

Wayward Eight Models

My one reservation is that it could end up turning out to be more like a fan fiction than something that feels a new and unique part of the setting.

How do you think this novel could turn out?

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