Wofun Games Bring Peter Dennis’ Imperial Roman Forces & Their Enemies To Tabletop

September 28, 2020 by avernos

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Wofun Games, or World of Fun, have just released their latest collaboration with Peter Dennis in the Signature Collection. This launch contains the glory that was Rome and enemies to fight against them, all in glorious 18mm.

Rome v Dacia // Wofun Games

Under the Empire, Rome set out to conquer Europe, bringing her into deadly contact with new “barbarian” peoples, who were determined to preserve their independence and way of life. These wars saw two opposing military systems in a fight to the death: the Roman Legions, a highly-disciplined, international combined-arms force, against a series of tribal armies, from Britannia in the West to Dacia in the East, each using their own native fighting methods. This release from Wofun allows players to pick up Imperial Rome and any of three of her biggest opponents.

Imperial Rome // Wofun Games

The Imperial Rome Starter Pack contains 461 characters on 78 bases and a PDF set of wargaming rules written by Andy Callan. The author has written the Starter Pack rules, with generic "barbarian" armies so that you can purchase any of the three versions of Romans vs. either Britons, Germans, or Dacians. The Romans force consists of two units of Legionaries, two units of light auxiliary infantry, one unit of cavalry and one of auxiliary archers. They are supported by two Scorpion catapults and a command set with a mounted officer.

Dacians // Wofun Games

The barbarous enemies in the pack are a choice of Britons, Dacians or Germanic warriors. Regardless of the type, you chose the set contains the same breakdown of troops,that is, four Warband units, two units of javelin skirmishers, two light cavalry and finally the Chief and his escort who are all mounted.

As you can see from the Dacians above and the Britons below Wofun have done fantastic work bringing Peter Dennis' work to the tabletop once again. I know Peter himself often remarks on them when they arrive that the technique they use on the standees really makes the colour shine through from the designs and for anyone looking to put a 18mm force on the table top they should definitely take a look at these.

Noble Warrior Unit // Wofun Games

If you're not after the full set you can now also buy the units individually. Not only does this allow you to build the force you want to tailor it to your needs, but they have a lot more variety in the units, including multiple mainline units to add variety to your army on the tabletop, with most armies having two versions of units, the Legionnaires have three, each with a different colour scutum, which is a nice touch. Also in the Imperial Rome pages are the previously released Parthians meaning you can push your Empire farther east and maybe someday you'll get a column in your name.

Also there's elephants.

There was a dream which was Rome...

"Wofun have done fantastic work bringing Peter Dennis' work to the tabletop once again. I know Peter himself often remarks on them"

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