More Wulf’kin, Dwarves & Mighty Orcs For Norsgard

November 22, 2014 by brennon

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The lithe and graceful Silver Fury has been unlocked for the Wulf'kin of Norsgard and next on the cards for the Kickstarter are a Dwarf Siege Master and a massive Orc Heavy Cavalry unit that will no doubt stomp all underfoot...

Silver Fury

Silver Fury is quite the spell slinger and she'll be adding another level of both grace and power to the Alliance of the Bat. Talking of that alliance there's also a short bearded fellow who wants to blow stuff up...

Dwarf Siege Master

...and a surly Orc who has quite the awesome ride...

Orc Heavy Cavalry

...which all comes down to me really liking where Norsgard is going. They seem to have found their niche with some really stunning looking miniatures, a good solid world built behind the factions and plenty of awesome ideas for the future. The course has been a rocky one for these guys but with a funded campaign and a whole bunch of really cool models I think this might be one to keep an eye on.

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