Zenit Band Together New Fantasy Football Players

May 2, 2019 by brennon

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Zenit Miniatures has been showing off a set of new releases for those wanting to get themselves an alternative Fantasy Football team.

Goblin Team - Zenit Miniatures

The two different teams that have been added into the mix include the Goblin Orphans Team (shown above) and the Halfling Orphans Team too. These are based on some of their Nemesis factions with the 'Goblin' team themed as such due to the special weapons.

As you can see the Halfling Team works differently with your regular players now backed up by mighty Treemen rather than weird and warped trolls.

Halfling Team - Zenit Miniatures

This is really great to see and I think that these work as a characterful new set for those looking for an alternative team that no one else will most likely have. I think these are going to be fun to paint too!

Team Staff

As well as the two teams above there is also a range of new characters to help bolster your team. The first of these is Zonik Benchilicker, what a name.

Zonik Benchilicker - Zenit Miniatures

This fellow would look good as an additional Star Player to include in your games. He seems like he has a proper attitude too, giving the finger to whoever just tried to send him off.

Next up we have the Paco The Chef, a staple of pretty much any Halfling team.

Paco The Chef - Zenit Miniatures

You better watch this fellow. If he eats all the half time snacks then you might end up with a bit of a revolt on your hands! No Halfling wants to just suck on an orange slice when pies and all sorts could be involved.

Maybe he could be tempered by Lola The Coach who is going to be leading the way for your team.

Lola The Coach - Zenit Miniatures

I really like her model and while it would be good for Fantasy Football games I think she'd also work as the leader of a little warband in a Fantasy game too. You could imagine her leading the way, urging her players and/or warband on to greater feats.

Last but not least we have the Apothecary who is going to keep your hapless Halflings going when they get battered by the opposition.

Apothecary - Zenit Miniatures

This seems like a wonderful new set of releases for those delving into Fantasy Football, revisiting a game like Blood Bowl but with an original twist.

Will you be checking these out?

"If he eats all the half time snacks then you might end up with a bit of a revolt on your hands!"

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