The Zephyri Welcome The Wild Caho-Ta & Hroka To Arena Rex

August 16, 2016 by brennon

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Arena Rex have added a new character to the mix for the Zephyri. However, it's not just the new wild warrior Hroka that you have to look forward too as the mount Caho-Ta is riding into the arena too.

Hroka & Caho-Ta

"After losing her brothers and father in raids by another nation, Hroka joined battle herself to honor them. Her badly outnumbered tribe rallied around her fierce fighting and drove back their foes at great cost.

Though they were never married, she now considers herself the widow of the bravest warrior in that battle, after he took to heart her own drive for vengeance and saved her life in doing so."

This is a great pairing and the horse looks fantastic. There's plenty of motion here and, as we know, it's really hard to get horses right - but we think they've done it here.


The sculpting credit belongs to MIKH and painting is done by Benjamin Williams.

Do you think she'd make it into your collection for Arena Rex?

"This is a great pairing and the horse looks fantastic..."

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