Zombicide Season Three Expansion Fundraiser Kicks Off

June 30, 2014 by brennon

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The big new Zombicide Season Three Kickstarter from Guillotine Games launched over the weekend and it's already got to the level of insanity within a couple of days. They have already burst through their goal and are now over $500,000 at the time of writing. Let's see what sets make up the core of this new season...

Rue Morgue

Rue Morgue Contents

In Rue Morgue you'll be fighting against Zombies in an infested hospital with new survivors, weapons and of course enemies to butcher like the Skinner Zombie and A-Bomb Abomination. This last zombie type has elongated arms for reaching out and dragging you back towards its slavering maw.

Angry Neighbours

Angry Neighbours Contents

As well as that we also have Angry Neighbours which adds in the Seeker Zombie that will relentlessly pursue your poor survivor around the entire map if it has to! You'll be fighting in the crumbling remains of the city and have access to some of the nastiest weapons yet to grace games of Zombicide.

Everything quality wise looks great once again and while it's no doubt very popular is it maybe to the point now where zombies aren't the 'thing' anymore and we've moved on? I guess considering the amount of peoples who pledged maybe it's just me who thinks that then!

As you might expect by the total funding they've beaten a lot of their stretch goals as well so go and check those out via the Kickstarter page.

What do you think of more Zombicide?

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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