Lion Rampant 2nd Edition & Xenos Rampant Announced For 2022!

February 25, 2022 by brennon

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Osprey Games this week put together a new blog post outlining what's coming up from Daniel Mersey and Richard Cowen this year. We start with some Historical wargaming news as Lion Rampant is getting a Second Edition in the summer.

Lion Rampant 2nd Edition - Osprey Games

Lion Rampant - Second Edition // Osprey Games

The Second Edition of the game is going to cover the Dark Ages as well as the Medieval period of the first edition. You'll be able to follow the fortunes of notable characters from history like Joan Of Arc or William Wallace, or perhaps forge your own legends with personalities of your own devising.

The game will be as easy to learn as it was before but with options for playing out all manner of raids, skirmishes and clashes with your armies. The game has now benefited from years of player feedback and updates and so that has filtered down into what you get within the Second Edition book.

For example, new scenarios have been added and the campaign idea has been expanded. You will also find greater time given over to detailing terrain and optional rules for the various periods of warfare. However, it's still Lion Rampant and if you have a first edition army, it will still be viable!

Xenos Rampant - Sci-Fi Wargaming!

Daniel Mersey and Richard Cowen have also begun work on Xenos Rampant, a Sci-Fi spin on the Rampant rules which will be arriving in the winter of 2022. Here is the early look at the cover art that the team showed off!

Xenos Rampant Cover Art - Osprey Games

Xenos Rampant Cover Art // Osprey Games

Xenos Rampant is setting agnostic and can be used to play out larger skirmishes using whatever 28mm miniatures you have in your collection. The core rules of the Rampant system carry through but you'll also find lots of interesting options that make Xenos Rampant distinctly Sci-Fi.

This means new rules, army lists and scenarios that cover all manner of interesting Sci-Fi subgenres like Raygun Gothic, Post-Apocalyptic, Weird War, Near Future and perhaps even a bit of Grimdark if you like.

As has been described by the authors, this isn't just Dragon Rampant but with lasers. Time has been taken to add in lots of interesting options to cover the technological advances of the Sci-Fi age. As well as featuring towering alien bugs like you see on the cover, there are rules in there for all manner of different forces. There are even zombies! This seems like it should be a good toolkit for Sci-Fi wargamers to tinker with.

So, two big Rampant options coming up this year from Mersey and Cowen. Which are you most excited about?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Daniel Mersey and Richard Cowen have also begun work on Xenos Rampant, a Sci-Fi spin on the Rampant rules..."

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