North Star Military Figures Preview Oathmark’s Undead Champions

October 14, 2020 by brennon

North Star Military Figures has previewed the new metal miniatures which are going to be coming to support the Oathbreakers expansion to Oathmark: Battles Of The Lost Age. A band of Undead Champions in 28mm are ready to lead their legions into battle.

Undead Heroes - Oathmark

Necromancers & Skeleton Musician // Oathmark

In this first trio, we have two spellcasters at the forefront. On the left-hand side, you have a figure giving off a serious Lich vibe. Mostly skeletal but with leering eyes glowing from within those dark sockets beneath a hood, this fellow looks like a seriously fun miniature to paint up. I don't think you can doubt just how evil and vengeful this fellow is.

In the middle, you've then got the living Necromancer who has got their hands on an ancient text and is now looking to summon forth the dead from beyond the void. Whilst the hood and skull-topped staff makes him seem like a seriously evil dude you could paint him in a way that brings him more in line with your valiant armies.

You also have the ragged Skeleton Musician on the right who leads me nicely into a set of champions for your undead legion.

Undead Heroes Alt - Oathmark

Skeleton Champions // Oathmark

Armed with an array of weapons to make them suit the various weapon options from the plastic kit, these look like they'd work very nicely in your units as those leader figures within your army. They stand out enough due to the extra detail and strong posing but not so much that they look out of place alongside regular shuffling undead warriors.

I think of the set I like the fellow on the left the most. I like the raised sword and the bow at the ready showing that this fellow could be as deadly in death as he was in life. This is a nice take on the undead which moves away from them being a shuffling mass towards being deadly and ruthless - a bit like the skeletons from Jason & The Argonauts.

Are you tempted by these for your Oathmark Undead army?

"This is a nice take on the undead which moves away from them being a shuffling mass towards being deadly and ruthless..."

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