Otherworld Go Questing With Evil Adventurers

February 11, 2019 by brennon

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We're checking out a massive array of new adventurers added into the mix by Otherworld Miniatures today. Whilst many parties that head out on their quests are out there to stop the bad guys, this band are probably there to find their Dark Master!

Evil Fighter - Otherworld Miniatures

We start with the Evil Fighter who is clad in heavy armour and carries a sword with a skull on it, so he's clearly a bad dude. You could imagine him being one of those foes that you'd face towards the start of the dungeon, guarding the entrance to its depths.

Next up we have an Evil Cleric who is going to be calling on the powers of the Dark Gods to hurt his opponents rather than heal his allies.

Evil Cleric - Otherworld Miniatures

Whereas some priests don't like to shed blood, I can imagine this fellow is all about crushing his foes into a pulp with those maces. I like the idea that maybe the helmet that he wears is cursed, affixed to his head when he put it on!

We're then looking to a spellcaster with this chap who might be a little familiar to some, the Evil Magic User. He will have quite a few riddles up his sleeve for adventurers to try and guess.

Evil Magic User - Otherworld Miniatures

Keeping with the theme of magic users we also have this Evil Necromancer (which is agiven right?). I like to think that the skull he carries with him is actually a talking one, whispering strange things into his mind as he wanders the world.

Evil Necromancer - Otherworld Miniatures

Not all Dwarves are honourable either and that's where this fellow, the Evil Dwarf steps in. Maybe he has been driven mad by a lust for gold?

Evil Dwarf - Otherworld Miniatures

Stalking from the shadows we also have this Evil Elf Assassin who comes with her twin daggers. She has that Drow look to her so she has probably been sent up from the Underdark to kill a specific target.

Evil Elf Assassin - Otherworld Miniatures

This Half-Orc Barbarian has been called into the mix as well now to serve next to one of these other characters. You could imagine him being expelled from his tribe for some slight and now he seeks revenge against them.

Evil Half Orc Barbarian - Otherworld Miniatures

Finally, from this new raft of Evil Adventurers, we have this Halfling who looks very stabby indeed. Steal his gold and you'll find yourself with a knife in your chest whilst you sleep.

Evil Halfling Rogue - Otherworld Miniatures

It would be fascinating to see if you could actually play a proper Evil Campaign in a game like Dungeons & Dragons. There are a few things you'd have to do behind the scenes to bind the characters together but it could also prove to be a fascinating role-playing experience.

What do you think?

"It would be fascinating to see if you could actually play a proper Evil Campaign in a game like Dungeons & Dragons..."

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