Perry Miniatures Bring Cape Warriors Sourcebook To Salute 2016

March 21, 2016 by brennon

Perry Miniatures have announced that they have a new sourcebook and resource coming to Salute 2016. Cape Warriors: Volume One will cover Cape Frontier warfare between 1834-53. They have teamed up with Colonel Mike Snook for this project...

Cape Warriors Volume I

"In this volume he examines in depth the fighting men and type of warfare conducted during the 6th, 7th and 8th Cape Frontier Wars, the Boer-Ndebele War of 1836-7, the Boer –Zulu War of 1838-40, the Anglo-Boer confrontations in the 1840’s and the one day Anglo-Basotho war of 1852"

As well as the book which delves into the fighting during this period the Perry twins will be making sure you have a miniatures range to choose from when you want to try and re-create some of these battles.

Cape Warriors #1

Cape Warriors #2

The models will be coming out just before Salute and at the event itself so if you wanted to try and take on a whole new era of warfare this could be very interesting indeed.

What do you think?

"They have teamed up with Colonel Mike Snook for this project..."

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