Exclusive! Belit Joins Privateer’s SAVAGE MiniCrate Series

July 4, 2019 by brennon

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Privateer Press wanted to show off another of the awesome characters coming to their SAVAGE MiniCrate series which looks to bring characters from Robert E. Howard's work to life.

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So, the new character that has been previewed by the team at Privateer Press is the one and only pirate queen, Belit!


She will be available in the coming months as an option for subscribers who want to have a piece of Howard's well-loved fantasy literature. I really like this take on her which gives her a more exotic twist whilst still retaining a lot of her raw power. You could just imagine her leaping onto the deck of an enemy ship, swords at the ready, cutting down her enemies with those flashing blades.

Howard's Characters Come To Life

Alongside Belit we have already seen some of the additional characters making their way into the mix for this SAVAGE MiniCrate. The first character is Dark Agnes from his Sword Woman series.


She is a gifted swordswoman and fighter. Having trained under Guiscard de Clisson she honed her skills and fought as a mercenary. She appeared in two full stories, published after Howard's death and a third was planned but it was turned into a Conan story. It also wasn't in line with previous stories where she was pictured as a strong female lead.

We also saw that Privateer are going to be looking to other characters like that of Solomon Kane, shown here swashbuckling his way across Europe.


Every single aspect of Howard's work is open to them, allowing them to delve into all sorts of fascinating stories. Privateer told us a little more about the MiniCrate system...

"MiniCrate is a subscription service that delivers a single model and an accompanying art card to subscribers every single month. These models come unassembled (if more than a single part) and unpainted, giving the subscriber the freedom to give their models a unique visual presentation.

Subscribers have the additional option of subscribing for a full six-month VIP cycle, which nets them a bonus seventh model for free. The seventh model is shipped with the first model in a subscription, and it rotates every six months to a new VIP model.

Once models have had their month in the sun, they are gone forever; they're pulled from circulation, increasing their rarity."

...and also what they have planned going forward

"The SAVAGE MiniCrate is focused on the worlds of Robert E. Howard, the creator of Conan the Barbarian. It follows the same subscription pattern as our two other MiniCrates (WARMACHINE/HORDES and the Legend of the Five Rings MiniCrates) with a focus on the myriad creations of Howard.

In addition to Conan (and King Conan, seated on his throne, is the VIP model at launch), the line brings Howard's other creations to the modeling hobby--Kull (fantasy), Solomon Kane (adventure), (El Borak (Western high adventure), and Dark Agnes (the Sword Woman fantasy tales). Additionally, weird creatures from Howard's worlds, like the Serpent Men (from the King Kull stories), will expand the range of the SAVAGE MiniCrate."

You can see that particular Conan miniature mentioned as part of the VIP reward system here.


So, if you're looking to get stuck into some classic Howard characters down on the painting table then you should be keeping an eye out for what's coming next! Dark Agnes is the first character as we mentioned earlier and you can get her if you subscribe before August 12th.

Make sure to let us know which of Howard's characters you'd like to see them bring to life!

"Make sure to let us know which of Howard's characters you'd like to see them bring to life!"

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