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Stuffed Fables

Stuffed Fables

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Crepitus, the Ultimate Slumberlord

Tutoring 6
Skill 8
Idea 6
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I do some research about the character and found that he is the brother of the legend of the Man on the Moon.

So, I want to put stars on his cloak as there is a lot of space to make it.  Moreover, I would like to show his dark magic like the character design art. Then, I want paint have OSL technique magic from his both hands.

I did some color matching ideas from my phone. I used Samsung Note 8 with pen to draw the color (Pencil Tools) from Screen Write App to test some idea before paint.


Crepitus Zoom FaceCrepitus Zoom Face
Crepitus FightCrepitus Fight

Inner Dark Cloak and Hat – I used Scale75 Negro Gray for base.  The color is near black color and mix white for hilight. Shadow, I glazed with Scale75 Endradil Violet mix with Black. For the star and galaxy, I glazed with Scale75 Emarath Blue and Scale 75 Endradil Violet and Pure White randomly. The Stars, I randomly dot differemt size and make the shinny ones to the bright part.

Outer Light Cloak – I used Scale75 Mistakonic Grey (Not show in Picture) and shade with glaze of Violet and black then mix of white for hilight.

Skin tone – I used Scale75 Moonray Fresh and glaze with Violet and black for shadow, then mix of white.

Eyes – I used the Scale75 Marduk Yellow and dot the  Scale75 Baal Crimson for pupils shade with thin line of mix glaze of violet and black.

Belt – Base color with Scale75 Bosh Chestnut and edge with texture with mix of white. NMM the belt buckle of Mix of Black, Grey and White.

Hair – I used Scale75 Decay Black and glaze the shadow of Violet and Black. Highlight as NMM technique to make the hair reflection look.

Teeth – I used Scale 75 Heskey Yellow (Not in the picture) mix with white and hilight at the front with mix of more white and paint thin line between upper and lower teeth.

OSL – I glazed with Scale75 Goblin Flesh the left size more than the right side and focus on the hand. To make to contrast, I glazed the violet on the right side


Trial and Error - Vanish

I mostly vanished with Thai Local Brand spray branded TVB.  But I just got the new Sparkle Reflect Spray from Local Stationary Store named ‘Somjai’.  The seller told me that it is fluorescent substance in the can without color, so I decided to buy and try.  The result turn bad and it is foggy white on the miniature. The good thing, it reflect all the light during the night.

You can see the difference at the Snatcher Robot hands with the flash and without flash.

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