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Star Wars Rebels Painting

Star Wars Rebels Painting

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Sabine Wren! and another AT-RT

Tutoring 4
Skill 5
Idea 4
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So I been painting Sabine Wren, and im not interly happy with the result, i might return to her later. The biggest problem I had was all the diffrent pattern she has on her armor. I tried to replicate it as good as i could, but i was not happy with the result. I ended up with a simple armor, but I might return to her later.

AP Uniform Grey Primer

Armor: AP Alien Purple, AP Matt White, AP Lava Orange, AP Uniform Grey, GW Nuln Oil, AP Matt Black

Uniform: VJ German Grey, AP Uniform Grey, AP Leather Brown, AP Skeleton Bone, GW Arthrax Eathshade

After a lot of failed attempt to free hand the rebel alliance logo, on her armor, i started painting my AT-RT, i used the same technic as with my other walkers. So that’s it…

I finished all of my rebel models, terrain and objectives I have.

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