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Spring Clean Challenge: If I build it - will they come

Spring Clean Challenge: If I build it - will they come

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Landscaping Part 2

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Skill 9
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Things are moving alone slowly.  One of the issues is “down time” as I wait for PvA to dry fully before adding additional levels of ground work, but as the images show, some progress is being made.

In addition my plans have, inevitably, developed further and now I have decided to have the landform of the two shorter edges different.  One will represent gentle, sloping hills (which will be connected to the “beach” additional table) while the other will be more “dramatic” to give scope for cliffs or rock faces etc.  This will still leave the majority of the table open for playing.

Some picture of the constructions to far.

These images focus on the “Western” edge with the lower hills.  The middle picture is my playing round with different ideas about the layout of the hill shapes and the “hatched” area being what the sloping would be.  The final image is the hill in its current state.  Note that the surface will be covered with some kind of plaster/paper combination which I will have to make based on the method on Luke’s “Geek Gaming” site.

So now we have alternative landform which gives more opportunity to try out some different terrain techniques.

Also some advanced planning. As the PvA glue takes time to dry fully, in between mountain forming I have been working on buildings. More specifically a couple of Japanese style buildings to go with the Ronin/Test of Honor game. So more on that later.

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