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Let's talkabout 'Mechs bay-bee

Let's talkabout 'Mechs bay-bee

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Bargained well, and done!

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Bargained well, and done!

Just a little update:

  • Crow Industries posted up the build requirements for their next Battletech event, this one to take place in April. This time rather than Inner Sphere forces we will be building a Star of Clan ‘mechs, and instead of Battle Value we just have to work to some weight restrictions – 2 ‘mechs with a combined weight of no more than 100 tonnes, 2 ‘mechs with a combined weight up to 120 tonnes, and then the last mech can weight up to 100 tonnes, and all have to have been in production before 3050.
  • I have a list in my head (see if you can guess from the mechs I’ve primed what the makeup will be 😉 ), but John from CI has recommended holding off until the full rules packet is released before locking in lists, so I’ve primed a few alternates at the same time.
  • And for my Clan? Well I’ve done some reading and honestly? I’m digging the lore of the Goliath Scorpions and how they evolved into the Scorpion Empire later on. That and Clan Wolverine doesn’t exist anymore or I’d have gone with them….
  • Catalyst released a Wolf’s Dragoons Assault Star box late last year as an exclusive with Barnes & Noble, which managed to ruffle a few feathers as in addition to sculptures of the Blackjack, Madcat, Archer & Rifleman, it’s the first place a plastic Annihilator has been available. Now turns out it’s a timed exclusive but still no timeline on when it might get a larger release, but thankfully a Good Egg in the UK Battletech community visited New York last month and picked up sets for people. They knew I was after one (but missed the notice to put in a request) and ended up with a spare that they’ve offered me and I should be paying for come months end!
  • And my copy of Tamar Rising should arrive this weekend with a bit of luck, so that’s nifty.

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