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Let's talkabout 'Mechs bay-bee

Let's talkabout 'Mechs bay-bee

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Not too much happening at the moment but got a small update to add to the old project:

Simon, an absolute BOSS from the Battletech UK Facebook group, holidayed in New York back in Feb and whilst he was there seemingly stripped the local Barnes & Nobels of Wolf Dragoon Assault Star packs for folks here, given we still don;t know for certain if it’s going to broader distribution or will remain an exclusive to B&N. Now I thought I’d missed out as I was at work when he posted for anyone interested in a pack on the FB group, but he had a spare which he held for me until March’s payday, so now I have an Annihilator, plus extras of the Mad Cat, Archer, Rifleman & Black Jack 🙂

And less excitingly I got my mech record sheets for Easter weekends Trial of Refusal at Factorum printed out and laminated ready to go.

My chosen star breaks down thusly:

  • Horned Owl
  • Conjurer
  • Shadow Cat Prime
  • Warhammer IIC
  • Marauder IIC

It’s an energy-heavy list, no Autocannons or LRMs, a single Gauss Rifle on the ‘Cat, 1 SRM6 and a pair of SRM2’s. Lots of lasers and PPC’s though. I’m probably going to be giving up tonnage to other forces, and only having a single Omnimech in the Shadow Cat will probably leave me lacking some flexibility (one of the event packet rules is Omnimechs can swap loadouts during the event), but if they can manage the heat this force has some real damage output….

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Swanky set up

Cult of Games Member

Not a bad choice, good reducing with anything with ammo, takes out the risk of lucky ammo hits on double 1 critical.

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