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Digging out the Bunker!

Digging out the Bunker!

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The final (not final) tally…

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Well – far short of where I wanted to be but still – I’ve found the next 3 years worth of spring clean challenges! And they are actual models!

The table proved to be a mass of part projects of both mine and the kids – Have children! They’ll like the same stuff as you! It’ll be great!…..oh…they like the same stuff…but they need their own…oh…hang on – was that mine? – Be the proud dad – the creations are awesome – actually better than mine too….accept that those bits you horded for years have gone to a better place…….

After a blitz table sort and reducing the debris field down to a manageable stack of boxes attention has turned to the countertop of opportunity…

There is a long term plan to use this space either for projects or painting boards – the space currently has been turned into a large scale version of Jenga made with board games (including jenga it turns out).   

So these are now across on the main table being sorted through! I’ve located a squadron of ships for black seas and a couple of sets for aeronautica in there that have gone on the projects list as while I knew they were “somewhere” in there I’d never dug this deep before!

Next up will be having a sort through some of the older kids games to see if we still really want them and then re-locating the ones we do!

I really would like to get to a point where all these games are accessible – but that might need some shelf content re-arranging.

As for progress with the stackers of craft chaos – that continues – I’ve enlisted help with that – I’ll continue the updates over the summer cause it’s giving me a little more drive to finish this – it’s been a good couple of months even if progress has been extremely slow!

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