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Kings of War: Otters and Goblins

Kings of War: Otters and Goblins

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Bat Rep: The Battle of Short and Pointy

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Skill 6
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Once again my brave goblins became embroiled a border dispute with the noxious dwarves who brought along some pointy eared chums. It’s one thing learning how to use your army, but another to learn how to use them effectively against the varied mechanics of the other factions.

I intend to play at the beer and pretzels level, I think Crokinole syndrome would kick in at tournament level for me.

So roughly 1500 points each I faced off against the elves and dwarves (all beautifully painted).

Bat Rep: The Battle of Short and Pointy

I set up similar to my last game against an elven opponent, cavalry and King on the left, although no siege weapons to worry about this time. Trolls and spearmen as the core and mincers and archers and rabble to the right.

My cavalry actually did well to hold up the elite cavalry over on the left. The archers did ok, dropping a few wounds onto the oncoming forces. But I suffered by not managing to get rid of the Broc riders and they took out a horde of trolls. Felt like the game was swinging away.

By turn four the higher quality of my opponents troops was beginning to shine through, and the centre and left were pretty much over. The right flank was more in my favour, but this was an invasion game and it came down to to a unit strength race, I was ready to concede on turn 6, two wavered units…and nothing I could move without dropping points.

Somehow my archers actually made it to 13 wounds and stayed on the table.

Turn 7 , if there had been one would have given my archers one chance to take out  a 1 unit strength elf flier and snatch a draw. Alas it was not to be.

All in all another fun game, I need to get the timing better with my hammer units as the could have done with entering the fray sooner. Well done to my more than worthy opponents.

What's Crokinole Syndrome precious?

Crokinole is a ridiculously fun dexterity game from the wilds of Canada. It’s a lot of fun to play , even if you suck at it, think darts or pool…still fun, even when you’re not that good at it.

However if you watch two people playing at a tournament level or high standard the game actually gets pretty unexciting to watch. I worry that Kings of war at that level might get a bit dry. Measuring things to the nth degree I’m all for a few tactics and strategies, but the  fun is in the chaos.


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Beer and pretzels, in Canada? Sounds like those sharp tootehed stripey things that tried to sneak into Africa. 😆

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