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Space hulk low budget easy to make board

Space hulk low budget easy to make board

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Project Blog by Inmate1983

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About the Project

Makin my low budget 3d space hulk board game. Work in progress

This Project is Completed

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Tutoring 12
Skill 11
Idea 16
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  • I wanted something more then just the tiles, cause I’m more of an table top player. But I didn’t wanne put allot of money in it. So I buyed me a foam board and some glue, to get me a cheap 3d board. And with the lack of skills, maximum effort will get you anywhere

Cause this is only a small test project, I was thinking about making a quick survival/escape mission. A threesome of terminators Vs a swarm of tiranids. Starting area is at the botten right room. Entering blimps at the hallway top right and bottom left. Exit and win is at the botten left hall way. If one terminator makes it, it’s a win

I did a black basecoat and a silver layer on top of the wet black paint. For a simple way of some sort of texture ?

  1. So you c, this project needs 0 skills. It can be made fast and easy. It has otal cost at this moment is 22euro, so it’s also cheap as fuck. And it looks pretty nice. I know it’s not epic, it isn’t that detailed and it could look so much better. But that’s not my style ?

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