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Infinity Japanese Secessionist Army

Infinity Japanese Secessionist Army

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About the Project

My first army for Inifnity was the Japanese Sectorial Army(JSA). This project covers my JSA collection.

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Expanding the army

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With the time now right to expand my JSA army I decided to start by adding two more keisotsu who are the ‘basic grunts’ of the JSA force and a couple of specialists, a doctor and an engineer.

As the uniforms of the models have many similarities it made sense to paint these models as a batch paint, adding some extra details to the specialists to differentiate them on the tabletop.

As stated before I had no record of how I painted my previous models, so this was going to be a case of matching as well as I could the scheme I had already used.

The models are all metal and were cleaned and assembled and based. A simple sand texture was applied to the bases with PVA before priming everything white.

Base coats and shading

The following base colours were applied to models. All colours are Vallejo Model Color unless otherwise noted.

All models

        Boots, armour – German Grey

        Trousers, shoulder pads – Orange Red

        Hair, gun – Black

        Skin – Chocolate Brown

        Boot details, straps, forearm bracers – Basalt Grey


        Helmet, backpack, pouches – German Fieldgrey

        Face mask – Basalt Grey


        Cap, backpack, pouches – Luftwaffe Uniform

With all the base colours down I applied Citadel Agrax Earthshade over all the models for some shade.

Highlights and details

I applied only a single highlight colour to each colour unless otherwise noted here.

All models

          Boots, armour – Basalt Grey

          Trousers, shoulder pads – Bright Orange

          Hair, gun – Dark Grey

          Skin – Cork Brown then a second highlight of Basic Skintone

          Boot details, straps, forearm bracers – Neutral Grey


           Helmet, backpack, pouches – Khaki

           Face mask – Neutral Grey then a second highlight of Sky Grey


           Cap, backpack, pouches – Intermediate Blue

The final step was the addition of some accent colours to various small details to add visual interest.


           Gun muzzles – Neutral Steel

           Forearm details, gun details – Light Turquoise


           Trouser rivets, pouch strap attachments – Neutral Steel

           Forearm details, gun details, pouch details, neck pipes – Light Turquoise


           Medikit, pouch strap attachments – Neutral Steel

           Cap badge – White with a rising sun symbol freehanded in Vermilion

           Forearm, gun and pouch details, trouser clips – Light Turquoise

Basing and finishing touches

For basing I painted the bases in German Grey then applied a drybrush of Neutral Grey and then a lighter drybrush of Sky Grey.

The base edges were painted back and then I applied Orange Red with a sponge to the front 180 degree arc of each models base as a models arc of sight is really important for Infinity’s game mechanics.

Overall I am happy with the colours and feel the models sit well against my older paint jobs keeping a unified look for the force.

Some old models

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With the recent Durgama Campaign I have had a renewed interest in my long uncompleted Infinity army.

One of the problems I face, is having painted these models years ago when I was far less organized as a hobbyist, I do not have records of what colours were used where. Apart from knowing they are all Vallejo Model Color, the rest is a mystery. I think this lack of record keeping is a large factor in my inability to complete projects and hopefully my project blogs here will help make this a problem of the past.

I still need to paint at least 100 points worth of models to get a full army painted and I have many more models before my collection is fully painted.

As a first step I thought I’d take some decent photos of what I have done and post them here.

Three keisotsu line troopers with combi-rifles. These can be fielded as various types of specialist as needed eg. medic, forward observer etc.Three keisotsu line troopers with combi-rifles. These can be fielded as various types of specialist as needed eg. medic, forward observer etc.
Kempetai with boarding shotgun.Kempetai with boarding shotgun.
Domaru with chain rifle.Domaru with chain rifle.
Ryuken unit 9 with missile launcher and SMG.Ryuken unit 9 with missile launcher and SMG.
Ninja with tactical bowNinja with tactical bow

Bespoke HVT choices

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My friend David is a bit of a 3D printing buff, and often sends me random prints and oddities for Xmas etc.

Some time ago he sent me two cool Yakuza (Japanese gangster) models from the Unit 9 range from Myminifactory.

After a bit of thought I decided to paint the models up to use as HVTs (High Value Targets) in my Infinity games. These models are essentially a type of objective marker that can be used to score points in certain secondary mission objectives.

I started by priming both models with a zenithal prime using Vallejo Black and Grey primers through my airbush.

I added a final top down spray of white ink just to bring the highlights up as I was intending to use Army Painter Speed paints on the models.

All colours below are Army Painter Speed paints unless otherwise noted.


Jacket – Hive Dweller Purple

Shoulder/elbow pads – Sand Golem

Trousers – Pallid Bone

Shoes – Grim Black

Hair/gun – Vallejo Model Color (VMC) Black then VMC Black Grey highlight

Skin – VMC Chocolate Brown then highlights of VMC Cork Brown and VMC Basic Skintone


Jacket – Slaughter Red

Waistcoat – Magic Blue

Trousers – Hardened Leather

Shoes – Grim Black

Hands – Gravelord Grey then Vallejo Model Color Oily Steel to define backs of fingers.


Finishing touches

With the base colours down on most of the models I painted some final details using Valljo Model Colour(VMC) paints

Hair/gun – VMC Black then VMC Black Grey highlight

Skin – VMC Chocolate Brown then highlights of VMC Cork Brown and VMC Basic Skintone

Glases – VMC Oily Steel

The bases were covered in PVA glue before applying fine sand.

When dry this was painted with VMC Black Grey then drybrushed first with VMC Dark Seagreen then VMC Neutral Grey to get a tarmac like finish.

The base edges as ever were painted VMC black and a generous coat of varnish finished the models off.