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#OTTSpringClean2024 : Halflings versus Riftforged Orcs. (Kings of war)

#OTTSpringClean2024 : Halflings versus Riftforged Orcs. (Kings of war)

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About the Project

Digging up 2 old projects to have some Shrine fisticuffs for the spring clean.

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It begins!

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I may have disappeared for a while but it’s a perfect time to resurface!


A few years ago I picked up a KoW storming of the shrine box and some extras to flesh out the halflings. Several Christmases and a failed Orc army project and here we are with 2 incomplete armies I would like to flesh out to 1k armies on both sides.

The orclings were built last night and a test for cork basing into a lava theme. I hope to do a tutorial on it to compete for the big monies. No hope of winning but it’s a personal goal and those are how you win themed events.


Orc army on the shelf and a bag of boar riders showing the project was half done and forgotten. Think I’ll keep the orc units red and make the forged orcs gold to show the difference in them. With black being a unifying colour.

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