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Whites Empire

Whites Empire

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About the Project

Once upon a time in the desert far far away the King White once ruled over his people. The city of White once ruled this land, but no more. But time has passed and the sands have moved revealing his City again. Adventures came to find wealth Only a few came back alive tel tall tales. So something had to be done The Sultan of Swade gathered up a small army from his cities people and went to war.

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A Little Army

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The Sand Dancers Army.

The heros of the people..
Princess Jaz-Hands (mounted).
Her father, The Sultan of Swade who arrived, on a flying carpet. (also just classed as being mounted)
Wazz-Zam which is our friendly Court conjuring Wizard (of sorts)
And Ally McSween (who brings along McSween’s Cutthroats)

The 40 Thieves (a Horde with Sword and Shield)

Brothers and Sisters of the Peoples Judea’s Front (a Horde of Spear & Shield) (PJF)

The Back street Bowmen (McSween’s Cutthroats, who are split in two/Regiments)
The People’s Front of Judea (PFJ)
The Judea Peoples Front (JPF)

The Whirlwinds (a Spear mounted on Camel’s Regiment)

The Sandstorm’ers (also Spear mounted on Camels Regiment)

The Charioteers (as a Juggers Regiment)

Two of Wiz-bangs fancy Rockets (2xHowitzers)

Our Friendly “Cactus” and his Horde of Spikeeee* Forest Troll’ish*

Jeen and another two Genie’s (Regiment of other Forest Troll types).

Every Given Sunday

The Sand Dancer army marched across the dessert making quick time, walking by late night and early morning as it was easier then walking through the full heat of the midday sun.

But its said, that only wild dogs and English men go out in the mid day sun.

After 2nd breakfast on the second day they lined up over looking the White City. The with sands moved. There before them also lined up for WAR was an army of the dead. As the sun shone down behind them it made that force just out of focus to the Sultans Army.

But the time had come and he moved his force into the attack. If victory was made this day then the gold beneath their feet would be his.


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