Doctor Strange & Wong Coming To Marvel: Crisis Protocol!

February 6, 2020 by brennon

Atomic Mass Games have been teasing a few new characters for Marvel: Crisis Protocol over the last few days and they've now revealed some full images of both Doctor Strange and Wong, masters of the mystical arts and defenders of the realm!

Doctor Strange - Atomic Mass Games

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Doctor Strange is shown here in a pose and guise which is very much twined with his look from the comic books which is nice to see. I love that they've not just gone with him floating in empty space and added the different mystical sigils and discs around him so it looks like he is in the middle of casting a spell. He already looks imposing!

Doctor Strange is then also joined by Wong who is Doctor Strange's sidekick and powerful in his own right, being a master of magic, a martial artist and possessed with a genius-level intellect.

Wong - Atomic Mass Games

Wong here is also designed using his look from the comic books rather than the movies where he was portrayed by Benedict Wong. I think it was a good decision to match both Wong and Doctor Strange to this style as it, for me at least, helps them stand out on the tabletop a bit more.

I am yet to dive into Marvel: Crisis Protocol because of course money is something you need to spend on adulting but I am really liking everything that Atomic Mass Games has done right now in terms of miniatures.

I was talking about the game recently with some folks at my Friendly Local Game Store and they were really loving the gameplay mechanics too. It seems to hit all the right notes for them of being tactical and well-thought-out whilst also forgiving if you just want to go wild.

I am certainly looking forward to whatever Atomic Mass Games have planned next!

"I am certainly looking forward to whatever Atomic Mass Games have planned next!"

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