Heroes For Hire & Hydra Villains Coming To Marvel: Crisis Protocol

March 16, 2021 by brennon

Atomic Mass Games has been looking ahead to some new releases for both the good and bad guys of Marvel: Crisis Protocol. If you've missed these, you'll certainly want to check out these 40mm comic book characters coming to the tabletop. We start with some Heroes For Hire!

Luke Cage - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Luke Cage // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

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This new set comes with a hero-duo that have been cleaning up the streets for many years. They've even worked with The Avengers (but then, everyone has at one point). Leading the way we have the exceptionally badass looking Luke Cage who is not impressed by your nonsense. I love the idea that he could clearly kick your ass but he'd rather just look at you disapprovingly.

He is joined by the decidedly more animated Iron Fist. Danny Rand became the avenging Iron Fist and is one hell of a martial artist.

Iron Fist - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Iron Fist // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

I like that the fire of the dragon is what's holding him up in the air as he leaps towards his opponent. It makes for an exceptionally evocative miniature and allows them to show off the martial prowess of Iron Fist without going for a more typical pose.

As a pairing, it makes for a fun set and I know that fans will come up with all kinds of quips and in-jokes to use with the two when they hit the tabletop.

Hail Hydra!

On the other side, we've also got the new Sin & Viper pack which is going to be introducing two female characters who have been raised through the ranks of Hydra.

Sin - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Sin // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Sin, also known as Sinthea Schmidt, was fathered by Red Skull and has lived her life in service to Hydra. She was gifted superhuman abilities and fought alongside Crossbones and the Serpent Squad making trouble for the likes of the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D.

Talking of Serpent Squad, we also have the deadly Viper as part of this crew, raised by the agent known as Kraken.

Viper - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Viper // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Using her tightly-tuned fighting skills she took command of an incarnation of the Serpent Squad and left the ranks of Hydra. She is a seriously brutal option for you to include as part of your team and gives you another excuse to perhaps do a more themed force based around Red Skull, Crossbones, Sin, Viper and more!

Are you tempted by these new releases which should be arriving at stores in the not-to-distant future?

"...gives you another excuse to perhaps do a more themed force based around Red Skull, Crossbones, Sin, Viper and more!"

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