Eight Layers Of Bosses Await In New Cuphead Board Game

September 7, 2021 by fcostin

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I find it incredibly strange how retro video games such as Tetris, Super Mario and even Pac-Man have found their way back into the fray once more. The idea of retro and nostalgia is fuelling a lot of tabletop games most recently, as old titles or old inspiration is now been placed in the board game market, to try to appeal to some of those old school video gamers on another platform.

Cuphead - Image Two

Cuphead: Fast Rolling Dice Game // The Op!

Cuphead, inspired by the cartoons of the 1930s is certainly not immune! As The Op! Have now announced their dice-rolling game, Cuphead: Fast Rolling Dice Game, coming to all tabletops in Q3 this year. So fans of the video game series released back in 2017 will be delighted to have the cup-headed champion join a new avenue.

Ready to take down those bosses? 1-4 players will make their way through boss after boss, challenge after challenge in true Cuphead style. Players can take the role of Cuphead, Ms. Chalice, The Elder Kettle and Mugman to cooperatively bring down the beastly cohort of bosses that have been haunting the characters virtually.

Working simultaneously, players will be required to roll their dice all at once in an attempt to mirror the video game concept of taking down the big bad, and collecting sets that will help them further in the game. Making their way through eight familiar bosses, players will grind and work their way through different challenges, which can take roughly 30-40 minutes. Only if the team of players are up to the challenge - especially considered that the boss battles are timed.

There is no need to worry if you're struggling to get past a particular level boss. As the companion app which is going to be released alongside said product will have the ability to track progress... or failures.

Cuphead: Fast Rolling Dice Game - Wallop Card Preview // The Op!

Cuphead: Fast Rolling Dice Game may be a video game adaptation, but the board game certainly does boast beloved features from the hit video game title. Including utilising abilities through the use of cards, in-game currency such as coins, and of course - a players' chance to run, shoot and counter attacks as if Cuphead was appearing on a screen in front.

The game is set to release this Autumn, right in time for Christmas gifting! It is available to pre-order online now through a good few online webstores - but keep your eyes open as this title has closed pre-orders fast!

What video game franchise would you like to see on the tabletop?

"Players can take the role of Cuphead, Ms. Chalice, The Elder Kettle and Mugman!"

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