Raging Heroes Introduce The Furianns To Your Fantasy Games

August 11, 2019 by brennon

Raging Heroes has a new set of miniatures to introduce to you this coming week which should be a good pick if you're looking to get into more Fantasy games. Meet the Furianns!

Fruianns All Star Command & Troops - Raging Heroes

This group has been inspired by their previous work on the Jailbirds but now intensified and turned up to eleven. The new selection features a series of individual characters, all named and available separately but you can also snap them up as either a Command or Troops pack.

Frianns All Star Command - Raging Heroes

With Warcry being a bit hit right now for the Age Of Sigmar this seems like a good way to start using these models. You could very easily use these as alternative models for the Untamed Beasts, continuing that thread of bestial and savage warriors but just embracing the fact that it's an entire warband of women. Maybe even name them the Black Furies in honour of Werewolf: The Apocalypse?

As with all of the Raging Heroes collections, the miniatures are over the top and heroic to the max. I do like that here though they have got a few characters in a more relaxed pose rather than all of them charging off into combat howling at the top of their voices.

Furiann All Stars Troops - Raging Heroes

As I mentioned above, this would be a great selection for those wanting to build up a Chaos warband or a unit of berserkers in pretty much any Fantasy wargame. They are going to be available next week starting from Monday so watch this space.

What do you make of the Furianns and which is your favourite?

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