Awaken Dark Folk Gods & Their Gifts With MÖRK BORG: Ikhon

February 1, 2023 by brennon

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Free League Publishing has fired up pre-orders for a new supplement coming to the dark Fantasy world of MORK BORG. Ikhon summons forth four almost-forgotten folk gods and there are many gifts to be received if you would but only listen to their words.


Ikhon // MORK BORG

Some more background for you on this terrifying new tome!

"Forged by the left hand of Nechrubel, bound in cured skin and soot-black wood, the ancient god-vessels known as IKHONs are detested by the Two-Headed Basilisks. Wielding their Powers, unfettering the Profane Profound shackled within is a serious heretical crime and whoever may carry these blackened shrines will be forever hunted by the inquisition. But perhaps it is worth it."

Free League have mentioned that this is essentially a mystery box of goodies for those diving deeper into MORK BORG. You are able to learn about The Bilkherd, The Becklure, The Old Dead and the terrible Silkfiend and commune with them in order to gain many blessings...or curses.

The Bilherd - MORK BORG

The Bilherd // MORK BORG

There are rules for delving into the Profane Profound as well as four tracts for you to go down that unveil these new gifts and/or punishments. Pelle Nilsson's work has been "ripped apart and rebuilt" by Fiona Maeve Geist and Jarret Crader of MoonRat Conspiracy and there will, of course, be more illustrations from Samuel Araya.

The Old Dead - MORK BORG

The Old Dead // MORK BORG

I think this sounds great and it's always awesome to see where people's imagination goes when it comes to MORK BORG. Because the "world" of MORK BORG is so unhinged, it invites you to delve in and come up with all sorts of fascinating creations. I think Folk Gods are going to be very well received.

Could you be tempted to dive into MORK BORG? If you want to know more, take a peek at my review of the game HERE.

Will you be searching for boons with this new book?

"'s always awesome to see where people's imagination goes when it comes to MORK BORG"

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