Beautiful Fantasy Coins From the Far East Hit Kickstarter

December 9, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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Fantasy Coins

Are you a fan of the Far East? Are you a fan of all things shiny? Then you're going to love the new Kickstarter by 4AM, Fantasy Coins from the Far Eastern Realms!

fantasy coins dragon

These coins are not only beautiful to look at, but would add fantastic atmosphere to any RPG or LARP game along this theme. As I have mentioned before, there's definitely something to be said for being able to hold a nice weighted coin verses card board tokens, so these would be a beautiful addition to a great number of games as a substitution. Each coin is 2mm thick, and 30mm diameter. It is aluminum alloy plated with a finish that will make all the details show brilliantly and each finish will have a value assigned to it:

  • Copper - 5
  • Silver - 10
  • Gold - 20
  • Mythic - 50

This Kickstarter has a series of different coins and there are 4 coins in the first category: the Tiger (Copper), Phoenix (Silver), Dragon (Gold) and Mythic (Platinum). The set is called the "Eastern Coins".

fantasy coins 3

Next there is the "Tribal Coins". These coins are done in complete different style of design, inspired from ancient times, where the coins were struck with old tools. The 4 coins in this category is also inspired by the 4 mythical beasts of the 4 seasons and 4 Guardians for North, South, East and West in Chinese Myths.

fantasy coins 2

The last set of coins will be called "Fortune Coins", and is inspired by creatures which are said to bring great luck from the Chinese Myths. The designs will be a cross over between the original and the tribal coins, with the peacock and the crane to have extreme details, and then the Pixiu and Kirin to have brush stroke style of artwork similar to the tribal coins.

fantasy coins 4

Will these beautiful shinies be making their way to your collection?

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