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Jackalope Bring Cyberpunk To Life In Night City LARP


Jackalope Live Action Studios is looking to bring Cyberpunk 2020 to life with a new LARP called Night City based in San Antonio, Texas.

Take Aim With LARP Muskets And Flintlocks On Kickstarter


With my recent foray into LARP, I thought I'd take a moment to tell you about something a little different as LARP Box and B3 Imagination Studio team up to bring LARP Muskets to Kickstarter.

Dziobak Announce New LARP: Gangs Of Birmingham


Dziobak LARP Studios, the people behind the College of Wizardry and Convention of Thorns blockbuster LARPs, have announced a new game set in 1920s England; Gangs of Birmingham.

Weekender XLBS: LARP Wizardry, Armouring + Finding Forums & Places On BoW 2.0


Happy Sunday!

Darker Days Radio – Darkling Episode 46 Jackalopes in Texas


Chris and Chigg are joined by Matt Webb from Jackalope Live Action Studios to talk about their upcoming Nordic/bespoke LARP event in Austin, Texas - The Night In Question.

Petition Appears For IKEA To Make Affordable Gaming Tables


A petition has started on to persuade IKEA to start producing a range of affordable tabletop gaming tables.

Magic Comes To The UK At The Bothwell School Of Witchcraft LARP


A new series of large scale LARPs have been appearing all over the world, allowing players to live out their Harry Potter dreams and learn magic at a school of witchcraft.

World Of Darkness Berlin Reaches The End Of The Line


A new trailer has been released previewing the massive Vampire the Masquerade LARP event End of the Line, which will be held at the World of Darkness Berlin convention.

Make Your Games Shine With The Legendary Coins – Season Two Kickstarter


Whether you're a coin collector or you are looking for some fantastic token upgrades, Drawlab has you covered with their latest, followup Kickstarter. The Legendary Metal Coins Season 2 project offers 7 new themed coin sets to add wonderful detail to your games.

Upgrade Your Gaming Loot With Pirate Coins On Kickstarter


Any good pirate knows they will command more respect according to the treasure they acquire. Infinity Plus One's latest Kickstarter, Pirate Coins: Tabletop Gaming Upgrade offers fantastic pirate coins to use in your pirate gaming endeavors.

Get Your Message Across With Exofont: Fantasy Gyphs


Exofont: Fantasy Gyphs is a Kickstarter from Voidspiral that will allow gamers to express their creativity using a variety of alternative scripts. This project can be used in both the personal and professional arenas to give a unique touch games.

Beautiful Fantasy Coins From the Far East Hit Kickstarter


The beauty of the Far East is now available in a Kickstarter from 4am, in Fantasy Coins from the Far Eastern Realms. These coins would be a fantastic addition to your RPG or LARP or a fine substitution for cardboard tokens in a game.

Check Out the Stunning Metal Coins on Kickstarter!


If you need some nice, metal gaming coins for your games, look not further! The Epic Metal Coins for Tabletop Gaming Kickstarter by Infinity Plus One has just what you need!

Who Doesn’t Like a Nice Weighted Coin?


There is a great metal coin project out on Kickstarter right now that has a fantastic range of coins that you can add to your themed collection or put to good use in your RPG, LARP, Board Game or Cosplay.

Cry Huzzah for the Release of Knights of Badassdom!


Some of you may remember talk of The Knights of Badassdom, a film about a bunch of LARPers whose role playing takes frightening turn for the real. Well the release dates have finally been announced. Huzzah!

Help Fund the Mind’s Eye Theatre Masquerade on Kickstarter


Mind's Eye Theatre, the Live Action Role Play rules based around White Wolf's Vampire the Masquerade hasn't received a new book for many years, but that changes now with the help of Kickstarter!

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