Who Doesn’t Like a Nice Weighted Coin?

September 2, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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coin kickstarter

While trolling through Kickstarter, I came upon a nice little project that offers some really amazing coins. Metal Gaming Coins RPG, LARPing,  Cosplay, Board Games and More by Never Stop Tops and Coins has some awesome metal coins that not only look really cool (they'd look fantastic in anyone's themed collections), but would make a fine addition to a multitude of games.

Coin sizes

These coins are made with a zinc alloy, which offers a nice, weighty feel, and the coins come in three different sizes in numerous themes including: Earth, Egyptian, Greek, Dragon, Fire, Magic, Viking, Roman, and of course Pirate.

dragon coins

roman coins

I can see these making awesome substitutes for some lessor quality tokens in games- or really awesome details for you to find in a room in your RPG. After seeing the range of themes in Cosplay at Gen Con, these would make awesome detail pieces for characters to possess/or try to steal- Citadel of the Sky Pirates comes to mind!

pirate coins

Will these beauties be finding a place in your games or collections?

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