Magic Comes To The UK At The Bothwell School Of Witchcraft LARP

April 6, 2017 by dracs

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Recently, a new series of large scale LARPs have been appearing all over the world, allowing players to live out their Harry Potter dreams and learn magic at a school of witchcraft. This year, the UK will be getting its own as Bothwell School Of Witchcraft opens its doors.


This LARP event, which will be run over the weekend of August 11th-13th, lets players take on the role of the various students and staff members at Britain's own prestigious school of witchcraft.

During the weekend, players will be sorted into their own houses, attend lessons, compete for a house shield and contend with the various mysterious goings on throughout the atmospheric location of Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex.

Students Walking

When we arrived at Herstmonceux for the first time we knew immediately that it was the right place. It just felt magical.”
Stuart Munnich, Co-Founder of Rogue Events Limited.

View from the Gardens

The event is being run by Rogue Events Ltd., in collaboration with the teams behind the previously established popular wizarding school LARPs; College of Wizardry in Czocha Castle, Poland and New World Magischola, USA.

College of Wizardry

These events have already attracted worldwide attention, with many players flocking to play out their fantasies of spell slinging adventure (I'm still waiting for my damn owl Dumbledore!).

“I’m really happy that they have picked up the wand and are bringing this event to Britain.”
Claus Raasted, Project coordinator, College of Wizardry.

College of Wizardry Ghosts

Bothwell School of Witchcraft is currently up on Kickstarter, and has already far exceeded its initial funding target. Tickets are set to be available via the Kickstarter, with prices around £400-£450 including two nights accommodation and all meals.

Castle Grounds

As someone who has just gotten into LARP, and as someone who grew up in the height of the Harry Potter craze, I am very excited to see something of this scale and style coming to the UK.

It all promises to be a fun and interesting experience, letting people become both students and professors, and contending with all manner of magical beasties and beings. Personally, I'd fancy the role of a professor. I just wonder what subject I would teach.

College of Wizardry Professor

Do you enjoy LARPing? Is this an event you'd be interested in? Do you think you might support the Kickstarter?

"Players take on the role of students and staff at Britain's own prestigious school of witchcraft..."

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