Dziobak Announce New LARP: Gangs Of Birmingham

May 12, 2018 by dracs

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Dziobak LARP Studios, the people behind the College of Wizardry and Convention of Thorns blockbuster LARPs, have announced a new game set in 1920s England; Gangs of Birmingham.

Gangs of Birmingham

Gangs of Birmingham sees players take on the role of gang members and everyday citizens during a time of great change in British history.

The Empire is edging ever closer to collapse, the First World War led to people questioning the established truths of society, and new political movements seek rights for women and workers.

Gangs of Birmingham Logo

Into all this, you stand ready to further the goals of your gang.

Gangs of Birmingham Character

The game will take place in Birmingham's Black Country Living Museum, letting you get a good experience of what life might have been like for the working class in the 1920s.

The museum has been used as a filming location for Peaky Blinders, itself a major source of inspiration for Gangs of Birmingham.

Gangs of Birmingham Smithing

Since my experience at College of Wizardry 16, I have been dying to delve further into LARP. This looks like a really intriguing game, set in a hothouse part of history and dealing more with emotional character interaction and drama.

It's one I would absolutely love to take part in, even as a regular citizen, as I think it would also provide a unique opportunity to experience this part of history, while also having fun with some larger-than-life characters.

What character would you play in this LARP?

"The Empire is edging closer to collapse...and new political movements seek rights for women and workers"

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