Take Aim With LARP Muskets And Flintlocks On Kickstarter

July 9, 2018 by dracs

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With my recent foray into LARP, I thought I'd take a moment to tell you about something a little different as LARP Box and B3 Imagination Studio team up to bring LARP Muskets to Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter has been set up to help them create a range of LARP suitable spring-powered muskets and flintlocks.

The weapons are designed to shoot foam balls, such as Nerf Rival Balls (stop sniggering!), as well as darts, making them safe weapons for LARPing in black powder settings.

Each weapon comes with...

  • Musket/pistol,
  • Stained and polyurethaned wooden stock,
  • Plastic barrel and trigger assembly,
  • decorative rubber flintlock
  • basic spring
  • wooden ramrod
  • instructions.

There are also added extras available, such as a foam bayonet attachment, holster, etc.

Most exciting though is the proposed stretch goal for a LARP Blunderbuss.

Whether or not you're into LARP, I think the idea of running around, getting into a full-on black-powder style Nerf fight sounds like it's going to be fun. And throwing a blunderbuss into the mix just adds to the chaos.

Now if only there was a suitable LARP for me to use this. Pirates you say!?!

Do you plan to take a look at this Kickstarter?

"Throwing a blunderbuss into the mix just adds to the chaos. "

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