Get Your Message Across With Exofont: Fantasy Gyphs

December 15, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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Sure you can write things out in your standard language of choice, but when a message is coming from a particular character with a themed background, like perhaps a dwarf, why not spell it out as they would? Now you can with Exofont: Fantasy Gyphs by Joe Bush with Voidspiral Entertainment.


Voidspiral has developed 5 different fantasy fonts for creastive use through this innovative Kickstarter. I think it's exceptionally cool that you can purchase this project in 2 different ways, through a professional license or for personal use. The professional license will give you the rights to use these fonts in commercial manners. Maybe in your game store? Or perhaps you've been considering designing your own game? Or you can purchase the KS for personal use to make some cool tokens for your RPG or wallpaper for your computer. Pretty cool.

  • Ruvahl is a runic font with solid lines and serif-like ends. Great for dwarves, giants, or ancient magical texts.

fonts Ruvahl

  • Noxzuat is a fell and dangerous font used by the cthonian horrors of H.P. Lovecraft's mind.

fonts Noxzuat

  • Eirhavir is a delicate, slender font more than suitable for magic texts, elvish, or other mystical communiques.

fonts Eirhavir

  • Guldroun is a solid, engraved-feeling font that smacks of ancient greek inscriptions on marble pediments.

fonts Guldroun

  • Akahake is a swirling, brushy font useful for pseudo-asian cultures and other groups that use brush and ink for their writing systems.

fonts Akahake

What would you do with these creative fonts?

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