World Of Darkness Berlin Reaches The End Of The Line

February 9, 2017 by dracs

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WARNING: The above video contains flashing images, if you are highly photosensitive please view wearing sunglasses.

The World of Darkness Comes To Unlife

A new trailer has been released previewing the massive Vampire the Masquerade LARP event End of the Line, which will be held at the World of Darkness Berlin convention.

End of the Line

You have been invited to an illegal nightclub known as The Line.

This is a place where all manner of dodgy dealings will be going on, rich and poor mingle and there are no restraints.

Helsinki Line

This LARP, which was already successfully run at Helsinki and New Orleans, is a little different to many Vampire the Masquerade set ups as it focuses entirely upon the low-power end of the spectrum.

Most of the players will be taking the role of humans, while the vampires are all low level. Of course, just because you're human doesn't make you any less of a monster.

No Cops

Helsinki Run

The LARP promises to be a very intense role playing experience.

It is being run on the 10th and the 11th of May by White Wolf and Participation Design Agency and requires a separate ticket to enter.

More Lurks In the Dark

The trailer also highlights a number of other things that will be going on at the World of Darkness Convention itself.

These range from other large scale LARPs, such as the World of Darkness LARP Enlightenment in Blood.

Enlightenment in Blood

Taking place in the middle of an Anarch uprising, this LARP will see players desperately struggling to advance their own agendas in a game that will shape the canon of the World of Darkness itself.

Enlightenment in Blood

As well as LARPs, there will be a chance to take part in the European Championships for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle card game, get an advanced screening of the upcoming World of Darkness Documentary and, perhaps most exciting, get a chance to playtest the beta rules for Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition.

world of darkness berlin

There will also be a number of panels and talks, including one hosted by our friends from Darker Days Radio.

Darker Days Radio

Darker Days are the official podcast for the event and will be providing live coverage while they are there.

They will also be participating in the End of the Line LARP, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Are you going to this convention? Do you like the idea of this kind of LARP, or is it something you'd give a miss?

Thanks to Chris Handley aka doctorether for bringing this to our attention.

"Just because you're human doesn't make you any less of a monster..."

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