Explore Caves, Deserts & Taverns With PWork’s New RPG Tiles

May 11, 2021 by brennon

PWork Wargames has now expanded upon its RPG Fantasy Tiles collection with THREE new sets as part of wave two. This time around, the team are producing a set of roleplaying game tiles, perfect for D&D and Pathfinder, that take us to Caves, Deserts and Taverns.

RPG Fantasy Tiles Wave 2 - PWork Wargames

RPG Fantasy Tiles Wave 2 // PWork Wargames

Each of the different packs comes with enough components to make tiles to create a variety of different layouts. I love that we've got traditional big tiles for the Desert and Tavern but they've gone the extra mile and actually cut twisting paths for the Cave kit.

The Cave - PWork Wargames

The Cave // PWork Wargames

Each of the different sets comes with the grids marked out on them, allowing you to move around tactically on a battle map. You've also got some interesting accessories to help add a 2.5D quality to the kits. With The Cave, you've got the rocky outcrops that are holding the ceiling up and that forgotten tomb that lies at the heart of this complex.

The Desert is a big outdoors location that features spikey plants, rocky hills and even the remains of a dead creature.

The Desert - PWork Wargames

The Desert // PWork Wargames

There are plenty of indoor locations represented in gaming tiles but we don't very often get outdoor ones. It's good to see this still being a focus for PWork Wargames and I would imagine that we'll find them eventually providing tiles for all the environments you could possibly think of.

The last location is a classic Tavern which looks like a cosy place to go and stay after a hard day adventuring.

The Tavern - PWork Wargames

The Tavern // PWork Wargames

The tiles are stylistically designed which is neat to make it look like the tiled floor of a tavern. The thing that sells this set to me though is the additional terrain. You've got loads of new tables, chairs, doors, beds and there is even a wonderful little fireplace!

These three sets come in at a pretty reasonable cost and they should paint up quite well. I imagine you could finish off the tiles quite quickly, especially with some technical paints and basing materials for the outdoors locations. The Tavern might take a little more time due to the amount of kit that you get to play with.

Are you going to be snapping these up?

"You've got loads of new tables, chairs, doors, beds and there is even a wonderful little fireplace!"

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