Cubicle 7 Begin Taking Pre-Orders For Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound

May 8, 2020 by brennon

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Cubicle 7 has now released the PDF for their new roleplaying game, Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound and this also means that you can get pre-ordering the physical version of the book (and more!) from their webstore too.

Soulbound Standard Edition - Cubicle 7

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The Standard Edition of the book is already a fantastic product, packed with beautiful artwork, a good layout and plenty of morsels to go and pick at when it comes to building up a campaign to play in the Mortal Realms. I was lucky enough to get a peek through it yesterday and I have to say, I am very impressed.

Inside the book, you'll find guides on...

  • Archetypes
  • Skills and Talents
  • Equipment
  • Between Adventures
  • The Mortal Realms
  • The Great Parch
  • Religion and Belief
  • Magic
  • Bestiary

...which is split into thirteen chapters. As I mentioned above, this is all lain out very nicely and there is a lot to get you excited about playing games as these esoteric and all-together unique characters. Hopefully, I'll have a better look at what's in the book in the coming week as I get to read it in more detail.

Just to reiterate. The PDF for the Core Rules is available right now but you can also pre-order the physical version of the book (due for release in Q4) and get the PDF for free when doing so.

The Collector's Edition

You can also go all out and get yourself a particularly snazzy-looking version of the Core Rules with their Collector's Edition.

Soulbound Collectors Edition - Cubicle 7

This particular version of the book...

" beautifully finished with a deep blue faux leather cover, featuring a Stormcast Eternal warhammer and the symbols of the Mortal Realms intricately detailed in gold foil. The 352 pages are wonderfully finished with gold gilt edges."

It also comes with that magnetically sealed box which features the mighty Knight-Questor Vel Arturious on the front and the Undying King Nagash on the back. A very nice and evocative take on the book which makes it look like an in-world relic.

It should be noted that the contents of this version of the book are the same as the standard edition so you're not missing out on anything when it comes to that side of things.

Accessories & Extras

As well as the pre-orders for the book, you can also get your hands on some extra bits and pieces which might be useful for Gamemasters and players. For example, you can pick up the Gamemaster's Screen.

-5eb5086095dd2--5eb5086095dd3Soulbound Gamemasters Screen - Cubicle 7.jpg

This features the stunning artwork from the cover which shows the Soulbound tackling all manner of threats whilst within the pack you'll also get...

  • The interior screen contains at-a-glance references for the most used rules, as well as NPC names and rumours for GMs to create adventures on the fly.
  • Cities of Flame: A thirty-two-page booklet packed full of adventures set in some of the major cities in Aqshy: Anvilgard, Brightspear, Hallowheart, Hammerhal, and Tempest’s Eye.
  • Includes a short introduction to each city as well as five one-page adventures per city, for a total of twenty-five adventures!

I am a big fan of this! It would be easy to just fire out the screen itself but the inclusion of little adventures makes it a very enticing prospect. Twenty-five new adventures is nothing to turn your nose up at.

You can also pick yourself up a wonderful map of The Great Parch, a section of the Realm Of Fire which you'll be adventuring in...

Great Parch Map - Cubicle 7

...and a selection of themed Dice Trays which feature artwork from the book and give you a nice place to roll your dice without them spilling out all over the table.

-5eb5085c661ef--5eb5085c661f1Soulbound Dice Tray #1 - Cubicle 7.jpg

I am a big fan of a dice tray, especially if they are themed to your game nicely. I might have to snag one or two of these when I finally get some time to sit down and play through an adventure with friends.

You can go and check out our Q&A on the Starter Set and the game in general HERE which we put out not long ago for more information on what's coming for Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound.

Are you going to be diving in?

"I was lucky enough to get a peek through it yesterday and I have to say, I am very impressed..."

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