Delve Into A Dark Fantasy World With Arkhane Asylum’s GODS

February 27, 2019 by brennon

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Arkhane Asylum Publishing is on Kickstarter right now looking for funding to bring GODS to life. This Dark Fantasy RPG looks to take you on adventures throughout the diverse Wildlands.

GODS The Roleplaying Game - Arkhane Asylum Publishing

GODS is set in a world where the old ones have died, long forgotten and turned to dust. You, however, are one of the Chosen Ones, a hero of the Wildlands who has been gifted with the chance to make a difference in a wartorn land filled with diverse and esoteric peoples.

GODS World Art - Arkhane Asylum Publishing

"GODS is, above all, a game based on adventure, epic quests, and exploration: a journey to the far reaches of the Wildlands, its lost cities, titanic scenery, primaeval forests, and forgotten ruins. Attached to the standards of Dark Fantasy, the game is full of action, magic, rituals, and epic battles. It will satisfy players with a taste for atmosphere, mystery, and diplomacy, with a subtle dose of poetry: a brutal world, epic and dark, where fighters, shamans, thieves and other heroes often have to write their legend in blood."

The world sounds fascinating and the key binding force of the Chosen Ones should lead to some interesting storytelling moments. While forgotten, the Gods are looking to prepare for their awakening once more and that's where you come in. A select few have been gifted with what are known as Shards.

GODS Shards - Arkhane Asylum Publishing

These Shards take many forms with some great and powerful weapons whilst others might be something more mundane. Whatever way they manifest for your character they are a link to the Gods and give you a link to their immense power, offering you the chance to harness it for yourself and inspire the people to believe once more.

Shards will evolve over time with you as a character, growing in strength and creating opportunities for storytelling and narrative development.

GODS is run using the TOTEM System, a D1o mechanics which helps action flow quickly.

GODS Rulebooks - Arkhane Asylum Publishing

"To shoot with a bow, the Accuracy Trait is used. Let’s say that the character’s score is 2D, meaning that the player rolls two dice against a Difficulty of 5, 7, or 9 depending on the distance, size, and speed of the target. If at least one die rolls equal to or higher than the Difficulty, the shot hits home. If both dice are successful, the shot may hit a vulnerable area and inflict more damage, reflecting the higher degree of success."

I like that system and it seems like one which will promote quick combats and ways for a Storyteller or Narrator to really add some additional flair to proceedings. There is also the small matter of the Gods themselves and how they influence actions on the tabletop. Divine Intervention adds another element to the actions you take, changing the world around you and how people might regard your characters which is neat.

The folks behind the game have said that GODS will be a game that spans the gambit of role-playing possibilities with options for those that want to hunt mighty beasts and bring them low, or those that want a more social game where intrigue and mystery lie at the core of their campaigns.

I am very interested in this game and its world and the artwork ain't half bad either!

What do you make of GODS?

"Shards will evolve over time with you as a character..."

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