Fancy Shaping the World of Shadowrun?

July 25, 2012 by brennon

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The world of Shadowrun is a complex one where the Hi-Tech and the Cyber-Punk meet the Fantastical and the archaic. Races like Elves and Trolls mix with humans in futuristic cities where having good knowledge of firearms could save your life. If this sounds interesting to you (and I would imagine it does!) then you'll be pleased to know a number of companies are working together to forge a new history for Shadowrun...

Shadowrun Online Art

Shadowrun Online is just one of the products that will immerse you in the world. It will be a browser game, running on a number of different platforms that lets you play with friends in an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) setting. Not only that but as you quest and complete missions your actions alongside your friends will influence the world as a whole.

Shadowrun Online Screenshot

Check out some footage of early gameplay here.

It's an interesting prospect and a real love letter to the Shadowrun game. A lot of you might know of Shadowrun though its Pen & Paper life and if you haven't yet had a go then you can always download a copy of the Quick Start Rules for free and see if this world is the one for you.

Shadowrun Art

Shadowrun Environment Art

But if video gaming really is your thing then Shadowrun: Returns is another project also in the works. This was funded by Kickstarter and is currently in development as a single player experience. You can find out more about it at the Harebrained Schemes website.

Catalyst Games are also involved with the project, pooling their writing talent with those of Cliffhanger Productions to make Shadowrun Online the best it can be.

So take a watch of the video above and see if the world of Shadowrun might be for you.

Shadowrun Online Kickstarter

Shadowrun Universe

Harebrained Schemes - Shadowrun: Returns

Shadowrun 4

Let us know your thoughts and experiences on the Shadowrun universe below.

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