Delve Into Fantasy Adventures With The Deep Dark RPG

August 16, 2018 by brennon

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The Deep Dark RPG is a minimalist role-playing game which is currently on Kickstarter from S. John Bateman.

The Deep Dark RPG

Featuring illustrations from William McAusland this role-playing system is very much focused towards the idea of 'fiction first' as the campaign explains. This means more weight on narrative and 'describe to survive' where you're imagination is the key to you defeating monsters and delving deeper into the dungeons you encounter.

The core mechanics of the game are exceptionally simple with your key Attribute, Lineage, Tools, and Alignment being added to the roll of a d6. If you are able to get over a six on this roll then you are usually successful at your action!

The game has plenty of depth to it as well with ways to tweak your character to get the best advantage as you go dungeon delving and of course the enemies you encounter are not going to be a pushover!

There are three options for those who pledge. You can either pledge for the PDF version or the Softcover which comes with all you need to play including rules for character creations, test resolution, exploration, camp, combat, spells, orisons, game mastery, town, the wilderland, and a bestiary.

You can step things up to a Hardcover version of the book however which has all of this plus an adventure and notebook space for you to jot down important information.

This is a very small Kickstarter but one taking a closer look at I think!

Will you be taking a peek at this?

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Supported by (Turn Off)