Hunt Heavenly Creatures in New Nahual RPG

October 25, 2018 by cassn

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In a world of angels and angel hunters, of slavery, murder and forgotten power, you must do what you need to in order to survive. Nahual is based on the universe created within Edgar Clément's graphic novel Operación Bolivar, and expanded in Kerubim and Los Perros Salvajes (I & II). Nahual adds to this universe, where you exist as one of the shapeshifting nahuales.


Nahuales are descended from the great and powerful brujos nahuales and imbued with special abilities which should allow them to contend with gods and angels. However, this tradition has been lost, and now the nahual agree on only one thing - they are destined to hunt angels.


The game setting is a Mexico filled with fantasy and sci-fi elements, mixed with a maelstrom of violence, inequality, corruption, folklore and fiesta. In this mess, angels prowl the cities, looking for souls to feed upon. Restless humans pray to God and his angels; where there are people hungry for hope and faith, angels thrive.


In this magical Mexican sci-fi dystopia, angels are both a commodity and a threat. Some feed on souls, some are sold to the church like circus animals, and others are not so lucky - the dust of their bones makes it's way onto the street to be sold as a powerful drug. Meanwhile, corporations conduct sinister experimentation, trying to find a way to make a profit off these strange creatures.


At the forefront of all this are the nahuales, running their changarros within the angel trade. There is no time for freedom or revolution in this world, only for survival and, as a nahuales, you must hunt angels. After all, it is your destiny, right?


Nahual operates on a similar system to Apocalypse World, Urban Shadows and Dungeon World. A character's actions may either trigger a move which will progress the storyline, or the next occurrence may be dictated by the rolling of two six-sided dice.


Each nahuales is provided with their own playbook, setting out a character sheet and template for that player. Each nahuales is also given a totem animal, which reflects their inner power, their personality, and their shapeshifting ability.


Over long-term play, characters will develop their changarro and advance their character. However advancement does not come without cost, and players will recieve trauma at the start of the game which as they develop will compile, each time eating away at the remnants of their humanity.


The Nahual Corebook is a 6"x 9" black and white rulebook with over 200 pages, illustrated with stunning artwork from Edgar Clément, and available in both English and Spanish. Nahual is a fantastically dark tabletop RPG with an incredibly detailed narrative arc which both new and seasoned RPGers will enjoy.

The Kickstarter has received almost ten times the original goal, and the stretch goals are almost completely unlocked, with each one adding new character templates and PDF extras - including the graphic novel Operación Bolivar in English translation. So if you think you have what it takes to survive in a world of Mexican magic and holy horror, you can place your pledge here.

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"The game setting is a Mexico filled with fantasy and sci-fi elements, mixed with a maelstrom of violence, inequality, corruption, folklore and fiesta."

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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