Explore The Household RPG As Little Folk In An Abandoned Mansion

May 23, 2022 by fcostin

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The teeniest tiniest RPG is now up on Kickstarter, as CMON & Two Little Mice have teamed up to bring Household for a new edition, expanding into an English-Speaking market.

Bringing the world of Household to crowdfunding, taking reference from European folklore - players dwell within an abandoned mansion as fantastical and fairy tale creatures exploring the walls of a wide universe from a fairy-sized perspective.

Household Kickstarter Launch Trailer // CMON

The title has already reaped a wide bank of fans, proving previously successful in Italian, and the Kickstarter has opened new opportunities for English speakers across the globe.

Household - 2LM CMON

Household & 2LM CMON

Abandoned is something I say with a pinch of salt. Abandoned to humanity maybe, but home to smaller creatures who inhabit not just the walls but every nook and cranny within.

Players can take the roles of Faeries, Boggarts, Sprites and Sluagh - Little Folk who are equipped for the world within, taking on different realms across the layout of the house. There are four different types of Littling character folk to bury into, plus the chance to be enrolled in six different professions and 30+ Evocations!

Character Previews - Household

Character Previews // Household RPG

As players explore the history of the house, they will meet many a foe - whether it be enraged rats, haunting spiders or fearsome creepy crawlies. The game is set in a regency-like era, with untouched space for all those who dwell inside, since the demise of the master over 100 years prior.

Household is based on the Fortune System from Broken Compass, which enables players to flex a small pool of D6 dice to determine the outcome of their actions. The custom dice provided in the campaign, requires players to match symbols across different die that show four card suits, a blank side and a joker.

Game Artwork Preview - Household

Artwork Preview // Household

Whether you are keen on dipping into something digital, or a new stunning book to add to your physical libraries. There are a wealth of different pledges to tap into, which include the core books and supplements. However, if you are a sucker for stretch goal collectables, the deluxe edition is the way forward. But, digital seekers are not left behind with Digital stretch goals of their own.

There is a simple pledge too if you just want your main copy of Household via hardcover with the rest provided in digital format. However, if you would love everything physically displayed - the deluxe pledge contains one Kickstarter Deluxe Bookcase, three hardcover books, three PDFs, Narrator Screen, Map of the House, Household Dice Set, Kickstarter Exclusive Litha Flammel Character Figure and all available  Stretch Goals. Stretch Goals have included new rooms to explore, mysteries, maps, and many more!

Quickstart Guide - Household

Quickstart Rules // Household

There are nine days left on the clock for Household, which was already funded well above expectations within the first ten minutes of the campaign! But if you want to take a peek of what to expect from the title, you can head on over to CMON to grab yourself the Quickstart Rules.

If you want to embark on a borrower-style adventure full of mouse-mounting bug-duelling opportunities, be sure to take a look at Household whilst on Kickstarter.

What do you think of Household?

"The game is set in a regency-like era, with untouched space for all those who dwell inside, since the demise of the master over 100 years prior..."

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