Mutant Chronicles RP Snaps Up Edge Of Empire Designer!

February 17, 2014 by brennon

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Modiphius, the folks behind the Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition RP that is currently on Kickstarter have managed to snap up the designer of the Edge of Empire Star Wars Role-Playing game to work on the project, a man by the name of Jay Little.

Mutant Chronicles

As well as a host of other names they are coming together to work on the role-playing game and get stuck in to make this a game well worth playing.

“Working on the Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition Role-playing Game is really a dream come true,” says designer Jay Little. “I’ve played board games, card games, miniatures, and of course earlier versions of the role-playing game based on Mutant Chronicles. It’s exciting to work with a setting that played such a big part in getting me involved in hobby gaming. Chris Birch and Modiphius have a proven track record for delivering high quality products and have assembled an amazing team to ensure Mutant Chronicles continues to impress fans and players alike for years to come.”

Mutant Chronicles Inside

John Dunn, Jason Marker, Dave Allen, Clive Oldfield, Gunnar Roxen and many others will be working together to bring this game of alternate future and grim survival to the tabletop.

The game has been going from strength to strength during it's campaign and having such well established names behind the project should be a sign of a sure fire hit when it comes out. As well as this news there have been some additional snippets in both the model and art department.

Corporate Agents Models

The sculpts for the Corporate Agents have been revealed over in their updates section and feature a whole bunch of rather deadly looking individuals in both the board room and on in the shooting gallery. They almost have something of the 'Solo' about them from Cyberpunk and could well have a nice bit of cross purpose there.

Luna PD Art

This artwork heralds a piece of fiction and also the introduction of a new pledge reward which includes a special Luna PD dice and badge that you can keep hold of for that future where you need to try and blag your way into a hideout as a cop. Or, just as a nice bit of memorabilia from this campaign. I guess that's kind of cool too.

It's seems very much on the up and up for Mutant Chronicles and with such a strong drive behind it from Modiphius and their Achtung! Cthulhu work well loved I'm sure we're in for a treat.

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