Nightfall Dive Into Kickstarting New The Terminator RPG

March 12, 2021 by brennon

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Nightfall Games is on Kickstarter right now raising funds for their new The Terminator RPG based on the classic 1984 movie.

The Terminator RPG - Nightfall Games

The Terminator RPG // Nightfall Games

This new roleplaying game uses the S5S system which was first available in SLA Industries 2nd Edition. The D10-based rules focus on a pool of dice where you want to be specialised in order to assure success. The more skilled your character is, the more likely they will succeed big as the team says.

"In ‘The Terminator RPG’, you play resistance fighters struggling against the machine onslaught of Skynet in an alternative and post-apocalyptic version of today—the once "far future" of the 2020s. You can take the role of rebel time travellers sent back to various points in time to stop Skynet from altering history. You can even play natives of any historical time period, targeted by Terminators and trying to stay alive as a future hell is unleashed around you."

The rules are also very tailored to the era of The Terminator where it's all about combat, survival and a little bit of investigation. You'll find full rules for vehicle combat, time travel, hacking and generally just trying to survive against the terrible Terminators!

If this game is interesting to you then you can download a FREE Quick Start for The Terminator RPG...

The Terminator RPG Quickstart - Nightfall Games

The Terminator RPG Quick Start // Nightfall Games

Within this Quick Start, you'll get access to seven pre-made characters and the essential rules for playing the game. This focus on a single deadly scenario for a GM and five players to explore, all set against the terrifying threat of The Terminators.

The Kickstarter is already funded and has over twenty days left so you've got plenty of time to give the game a go then consider backing the project.

Are you tempted to give this a go?

"'ve got plenty of time to give the game a go then consider backing the project"

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