RPG Via Text & Game In Silence In Alice Is Missing

July 1, 2022 by fcostin

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Ever thought of playing a roleplaying game in complete silence? Alice Is Missing, the silent roleplaying game requires just that from it's 3-5 players. Investigating the disappearance of Alice Briarwood, a young Californian school girl. Players will band together to find clues to make sense of Alice's vanishing. Using the medium to text to communicate.

As players will be scattered across different locations - they cannot just simply talk across the table. They will need to structure their text message communication in character. Whether they are a school friend of Alice's, or a family member - players are encouraged to design their characters that will fit in the world, and that is personally connected to Alice.

87965066-Alice Is Missing A Silent Roleplaing Game - Hunters Entertainment

Alice Is Missing // Renegade Game Studios

Alice Is Missing, designed by Hunters Entertainment and published by Renegade Games Studio. The game plays out across 2-3 hours, overarching one whole session. Focussing heavily on improvisation, and minimal mechanics.

There will be no need for a DM too. However, one player will need to bury their head into the rules, to ensure that they are being followed throughout and that other players understand the cards. These feature location, suspects, characters, motivations, a search deck and some clue cards. There is also a timer up on YouTube which will display the clock for all players - regardless of their location, to let them know when to access their cards, plus a soundtrack to keep all in the theme.

Inside The Box - Alice Is Missing

Inside The Box // Alice Is Missing

If you are keen on getting a group involved in sending a search party out for Alice. You can find copies on both the Renegade Game Studios and Hunters Entertainment website. There are also a ton of free resources available to download. Including a game guide, some character sheets, missing posters and downloadable cards.

What I absolutely love about this title is that it is fantastic for remote roleplaying. Whether your friends are scattered across the other side of the world, or simply around the corner. The cards are downloadable, all you need is your phone and ensure that one player is facilitating the rules and you're good to explore and guide the story wherever you take it!

What do you think of Alice Is Missing? Would you try out an RPG in a text group? 

"What I absolutely love about this title is that it is fantastic for remote roleplaying!"

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