Seven New Products Beam Their Way Into Star Trek Adventures

August 12, 2021 by fcostin

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Trekkies! We have an alert! Modiphius Entertainment has announced seven new products coming to Star Trek Adventures, the tabletop role-playing game. Including a very special Collector's Edition, Dice, Guides a new Campaign Setting and a Campaign Guide to take you there. It's time to set your Phasers to Stun, as these new products are going to knock your socks off!

Tricorder Collector's Edition Boxed Set // Star Trek Adventures

The first product to be released is the Tricorder Collector's Edition Boxed Set, arriving in Autumn this year. Boasting to be "the world's first wearable roleplaying game for tabletop fans on the move and cosplayers alike", the set withholds a beast of a 300-page rulebook, campaign booklet, rules summary, dice, sheets and everything you need including character cards for both the crew of the NCC-1701 U.S.S. Enterprise and the crew of the U.S.S. Lexington.

"Every component has been designed to immerse you in the style of the original series, with the full-color digest edition core rulebook featuring a graphic design based on the screen displays and colour scheme of the original series’ Enterprise, with lavish illustrations of the era. Its unique collector’s edition dice match the colours of Captain Kirk’s tunic in green and gold."

There has been an update to the rulebook too, with tweaks, twists and turns allowing players to now immerse themselves into the 2260s. To truly go where only Kirk has gone before!

Gamemaster Guide // Star Trek Adventures

Player's Guide // Star Trek Adventures

The Player's and Gamemaster Guides ensure that GMs and players are prepped and ready to enter the world. Coming this Christmas, two full-colour digest-sized books are being released to ensure that any adventures to be created within the universe are backed up with advice, ideas and inspiration. Whether it be looking at an overview of the technology, new character roles and options or sample encounters. These books will get you straight off of the pages and onto the tabletop in no time.

Shackelton Expanse Campaign Guide // Star Trek Adventures

It is time for players to head deep into a new campaign, and where better to start than the Shackelton Expanse Campaign Guide. Also coming this Autumn, this guide will work as the first campaign setting book within the range. Providing a 10-part campaign set and focussed on The Next Generation era, or adapted for wherever your crew takes you within the universe.

Starfleet Division Dice // Star Trek Adventures

For those who cannot wait for the upcoming releases, you can get your hands on the newly designed and reworked Starfleet Division Dice now, containing 2d20 pieces, in three different colours, compatible with Star Trek Adventures.

Keep an eye on the Modiphius Store surrounding pre-orders, releases and more updates on the upcoming products coming to Start Trek Adventures this year.

What is your favourite era of Star Trek? Captain Jean Luc Picard on the U.S.S Enterprise, every day for me!  

"For those who cannot wait for the upcoming releases, you can get your hands on the newly designed and reworked Starfleet Division Dice now..."

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