Tasha’s Cauldron Of Everything Brings New Options To D&D

August 25, 2020 by brennon

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Wizards Of The Coast this week announced a new supplement for Dungeons & Dragons called Tasha's Cauldron Of Everything. Offering up new options for players and dungeon masters, this seems like an essential part of your dungeon delving kit.

Tashas Cauldron Of Everything - Dungeons & Dragons

Tasha's Cauldron Of Everything // Dungeons & Dragons

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One of the core offerings from this book is the idea that you can now play as characters without the confines of racial modifiers offered in the Player's Handbook. This is building on their efforts earlier in the year to allow people to play whatever kind of role they want in the group without feeling like that are being moved towards playing a particular class.

  • EXPANDED SUBCLASSES. Try out subclass options for every Dungeons & Dragons class, including the artificer, which appears in the book.
  • MORE CHARACTER OPTIONS. Delve into a collection of new class features and new feats, and customize your character’s origin using straightforward rules for modifying a character’s racial traits.
  • INTRODUCING GROUP PATRONS. Whether you're part of the same criminal syndicate or working for an ancient dragon, each group patron option comes with its own perks and types of assignments.
  • SPELLS, ARTIFACTS & MAGIC TATTOOS. Discover more spells, as well as magic tattoos, artefacts, and other magic items for your campaign.
  • EXPANDED RULES OPTIONS. Try out rules for sidekicks, supernatural environments, natural hazards, and parleying with monsters, and gain guidance on running a session zero.
  • A PLETHORA OF PUZZLES. Ready to be dropped into any D&D adventure, puzzles of varying difficulty await your adventurers, complete with traps and guidance on using the puzzles in a campaign.

This is, of course, a welcome feature for a lot of people but I can see that many are going to be focusing in on the other elements from this book too. The idea of a group patron is awesome and I really like the addition of more subclasses, spells, artefacts and magical tattoos! The puzzles also seem like a nice addition for those dungeon masters who want to pit their players against more than just monsters.

As with all of the books from Wizards Of The Coast, you can also get your hands on this alternative cover if you prefer!

Tashas Cauldron Of Everything Alt - Dungeons & Dragons

Tasha's Cauldron Of Everything Alternative Cover // Dungeons & Dragons

Here is hoping that like with some of their other supplements, we get a little bit of Tasha's own thoughts and opinions jotted into the book to give it the feeling of an in-world artefact. You don't need to do too much of that but I always find that makes these books much more of an interesting read. I could see this being as important a supplement as Xanathar's Guide To Everything when it comes to D&D 5th Edition.

Will you be getting this?

" I could see this being as important a supplement as Xanathar's Guide To Everything when it comes to D&D 5th Edition..."

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